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Original incline railroad from 1936

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  • Woman rescued from top of Manitou Incline

    A 20-year-old woman was taken by helicopter to Memorial Hospital Central on Friday after she became unconscious at the top of the Manitou Incline. According to El Paso County Sheriff's Office spokesman Sgt. Greg White, search and rescue crews were called in to assist Manitou Springs firefighters shortly after 9 a.m. The emergency officials...

  • Time set for Monday's Manitou Springs Incline closure; hikers encouraged to make last trip

    Act fast if you're looking to hike the Manitou Incline. The heart-pounding climb in Manitou Springs will close at 6 a.m. Monday for four months of repairs, said Colorado Springs parks officials, who announced the time of the closure at a news conference Tuesday held at the base of the popular trail. The decision to close Monday morning came...

  • No Manitou Incline, no problem. Satisfy that Incline itch with these area trails

    On a rebar-studded slope in Pikes Peak's shadow, it packs more pain per square foot than some hikers care to endure. Many others grow hopelessly addicted. It's true: There's nothing quite like the Manitou Incline, a heart-pounding, mile-long ascent up an old tourist railway that's grown into one of the state's better loved trails. But...

  • Conflict over Manitou Incline closure date results in no change

    Organizers of the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon are pushing for an earlier closing date for the Manitou Incline, saying that a potential boom in Incline-related foot traffic could slow or endanger competitors. Colorado Springs parks officials - who are overseeing a planned $1.6 million overhaul on the Manitou Incline - say they plan to close...

  • Manitou Incline closing date tentatively set

    Manitou Incline fiends, prepare to go without your fix. The milelong march up jumbled railroad ties in Manitou Springs is on pace to close Aug. 18 for four months' worth of improvements. The date's not official - yet - but the city of Colorado Springs plans to begin its $1.6 million overhaul a day after the Pikes Peak Ascent and Marathon...

  • 'Streakers' keep Barr Trail race tradition alive

    Colorado Springs residents Mike Teger and Paul Sullivan typically spend 364 days per year without any form of contact with one another. They're not running buddies and they're not best friends by any means, but they are both members of an exclusive club that has been holding strong for the past 15 years. And on Sunday morning, the two...

  • Local ultra runner zips up and down Manitou Incline amazing 22 times within 24 hours

    Hiking the Manitou Incline once in a day is quite the workout. But for one Colorado Springs resident, one trip wasn't close to enough. Starting on the Fourth of July, ultra runner Brandon Stapanowich completed 22 round trips on the Incline within 24 hours - what he called the "UltraInclinathon." "Two years ago, I came up with the...

  • Is Kevin Bacon afraid of the Manitou Incline?

    Actor Kevin Bacon posted a photo of the Manitou Incline on his Facebook page. "#‎ManitouIncline‬ 1 mile straight up 2000 ft. Record time 16:42 I'm scared! ‪#‎BringIt‬ @CanonUSAImaging ‪#‎ad‬," the post read. The actor has been spotted in the Colorado Springs area. The Gazette's Jen Mulson and Nichole Montanez did their best to find him...

  • Repaired Manitou Incline will remain 'a crazy climb'

    The Manitou Incline is getting a face-lift, but don't go expecting a beauty queen. When the $1.6 million transformation begins this fall, a chief goal will be adding enough retaining walls and culverts to slow the water that cascades down and threatens to wash the trail from the mountain. But there's a secondary objective: retaining the...

  • Closing for repairs: Manitou Incline fans will have to find another route for four months

    A $1.6 million plan to preserve the Manitou Springs Incline will keep the trail off limits for an estimated four months, officials said Wednesday. Colorado Springs city officials said the closure, which starts sometime in August, is a necessary sacrifice owing to the challenges of working on the precipitous slope, which rises 2,000 feet in...



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