Highway 105, the road less traveled

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It’s as if someone dropped a 30-mile-long piece of black ribbon from the clouds and it floated gently down to land in Douglas County, soft enough to kiss the soil.

This is where I want to be – on the edge of Castle Rock – if or when the world suffers a staggering, cataclysmic end.

It’s peaceful here, where hills roll and cows congregate, as if they are holding secret meetings.

Or just having dinner together.

The magic number is 105.

If you have ever driven Highway 105, it’s memorable because it is the antithesis of Interstate 25.

Drivers on 105 from about Sedalia to Monument west of Castle Rock don’t seem to be in a hurry.

They ramble, a good thing, easing past high-end subdivisions nestled in the hills, huge expanses of undisturbed ranchland, spectacular views, old, waist-high wooden fences and a plethora of pine trees.

At a few points as you flow toward Monument from Sedalia, you can see the interstate, jammed with speeding, harried drivers, their RPMs and blood pressures skyrocketing.

This becomes an alternative.

Sedalia is here, where life is slow and easy.

Drop in at Bud’s Cafe & Bar in Sedalia for the best burgers in Colorado.

Palmer Lake is here, too, though the lake is dry. It’s still quaint in spots.

Larkspur is around a bend, a quick jaunt to the east.

According to historical records, State Highway 105 was built in the 1920s.

It started at Spruce Mountain Road in Palmer Lake and then headed north to Sedalia.

Bikers know this road.

In fact, bikers generally know the best “secret” roads in the state.

It’s because they ride for enjoyment, not just to get somewhere.

On motorcycleroads.com, 105 is part of the Denver to South Park Basin Loop.

That loop includes other roads, including Highway 115 southwest past Fort Carson toward Canon City and a winding set of roads that heads over Kenosha Pass and ends up back in Denver.

Check out this link for a biker’s ride on youtube:


For a photo tour, go here: http://www.corcohighways.org/highways/wy/wyroutes/?p=1524

Highway 105 is one of those roads less traveled, if you catch my drift.

Fans of Robert Frost will get it.

It really does make a difference.

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